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Ligaya Solano
ionic detox foot bath, light therapy

Services offered by Ligaya



The ionic detox is a therapy that uses negative ions to cleanse the body of toxins. The ions attach themselves to the toxins and then are flushed out through the feet, which are immersed in warm water with the Ionic machine. Most people can benefit from this therapy, as it is gentle and safe.

Ligaya offers a one hour treatment, which includes your consultation.  Bring a friend, get your treatments done at the same time, relax with a cup of tea and enjoy each other's company while detoxing!

Client testimony: Ed " I got relief from Neuropathy in my feet for 3  1/2 days after one Foot Bath session. "

Ligaya often hears,  " I slept SO WELL after my Foot Bath session. "


The Medical Light Therapy device was created by a NASA engineer,  using three types of lights in multiple pads with specific frequencies, which are selected after your  consultation. 

You'll be lying comfortably in our Healing Room with pads placed on areas of concern.

The lights/frequencies will be active for 20 minutes. 

Clients have experienced this treatment helping with headaches,  arthritis,  joint issues,  anxiety...just to name a few.




Ionic Detox Foot Bath - 60 mn for $30

Medical Light therapy - 40 mn for $40

Ligaya is currently taking Ionic Detox Foot Bath appointments for our Open House on Saturday, April 29th from

10 am - 3 pm.  (Her appointment schedule will open up after that date to include Light Therapy)

Ligaya Solano - Ionic Detox Foot Bath treatments & Medical Light Therapy

Ligaya's formative years were spent in Southern Minnesota. The St. Croix Valley is her 2nd home where both of her paternal and maternal Grandparents lived. 

She currently resides in Balsam Lake and enjoys many outdoor activities.  

Her educational background is in both Art, and Interior Design and a Marketing degree. She was an Interior Designer in Oregon, Hawaii, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Ligaya's current passion is to help individuals like you to feel their best by treating them using two noninvasive treatments, Ionic Detox Foot Bath Treatment and Medical Light Therapy.

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