Our Natural Medicine Bags contain a great variety of our handmade natural skin care for your first aid kit and medicine chest.

*Prickly Ash Oil for sore joints, muscles & arthritis
*Jewelweed Oil for all that is itchy, including bug bites, rashes, healing scars
*Cold & Flu Chest Rub for your chest and feet to help with congestion and overall "feel better when you're sick" rub
*All Purpose Healing Salve is our go to salve for wounds, cuts and burns
*Tea Tree Salve is anti-fungal and kicks out nail fungus, athlete's foot and works well for eczema
*Black Drawing Salve is a must for your first aid kit to pull out all things unwanted in your skin from stingers, thorns, stickers and even warts

Natural Medicine Bag

  • By purchasing these together, you'll save over $10.  Each of these medicinal skin remedies are a must for your first aid kit.  We love them all!

Silver Creek Springs