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Lisa is our Community Herbalist.

   "Community herbalism is largely focused around traditional folk preparations and historical uses of herbs, but of course is also informed by modern uses and research. Common backgrounds of study in Western herbalism include Native American, eclectic, wise woman, earth-centered, and folk, among other traditions. Community herbalists can be trained through traditional or non-traditional methods such as self-study or apprenticeships." (American Herbalists Guild, n.d.). 

For an herbal consultation, please email Lisa at 

We grow a variety of plants on our farm, from veggies to medicinal plants.  We're also very fortunate to have abundant Wisconsin flora on our property. 

  We wild-harvest and grows plants to be used in our handcrafted medicinal balms and oils.  Any ingredients in our skin care products that we cannot produce from our farm, we acquire from sustainable sources. We make both vegan friendly and products containing beeswax. 

    We're a small operation and every plant from seed to harvest is loved and cared for.  We are conscientious stewards of our land and in crafting of our products. 





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