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Teresa Brom
aura reading, Akashic records reading, soul contracts & agreements readings,
tailored or mixed readings

Services offered by Teresa

As a higher consciousness guide and energy healer one of my gifts is the ability to channel higher consciousness to read and shift energy. I can connect with your higher self, spirit guides and angels to deliver a higher perspective view on most anything. Mini energy readings are approximately one-half hour and full energy readings approximately one hour. All readings include a clearing and healing.

Aura Reading
Your aura is the energy that surrounds you. It represents what's going on in your life currently. Aura readings can be very validating and healing. An aura reading is a great way to gain a higher perspective of what's working and what's not working or getting in the way of achieving certain goals. Unconscious energies can be brought to the surface for awareness and release. Answers to pressing questions can often be revealed through Divine guidance. 

Tailored reading
Gain a higher perspective of the energy around a relationship, business, situation, or whatever it may be - you set the reading intention. This information can bring to light what is working for your benefit and what is not. Use that information to then pivot or break a cycle and transform your experience into creating something you want to experience instead. Answers to pressing questions can often be revealed through Divine guidance. 

Akashic records reading
The Akashic Records is an energetic database that houses your soul's information from the time you were created. It includes past lifetimes, present and parallel timelines, as well as all future possibilities! This information can help support you in living your highest potential and creating the life and/or business you desire. You can identify the root of patterns and clear karmic cycles; access your inherent ancient wisdom and divine consciousness to support you in your current life situation. 

Soul contracts & agreements reading
Soul agreements can present themselves positively or negatively in our lives. We can hang on to agreements from past lifetimes that no longer serve us. Positive agreements through relationships, teachers, mentors and family can sometimes present uncomfortable experiences meant to spur our growth and evolve us more fully into alignment with who we truly are. Unhealthy agreements can be acting as a coping pattern. When we are stuck in an unhealthy
relationship or pattern and make choices based on fear, we betray ourselves in that moment. Being able to look objectively at what the agreements are in present time can be help us make decisions, release the story, take back our power, make new choices, and heal emotional wounds. 


*Mini readings are approximately 30 minutes and full energy readings are 60 - 90 minutes

Aura reading: Mini $65 (3layers) Full $119 (7 layers)
Tailored reading: Mini $65 (3 layers),Full $119 (7 layers), 2 people $182 (1 full)
Akashic records reading: Mini $65 (you set reading intention)
Soul contracts & agreements reading: Mini $65/Full $119

Mixed reading: Either of the first two mini readings plus the Soul Contract or Akashic records reading. $119

Cash, Check or Card accepted

To schedule: email or text/call

Teresa Brom: Higher Consciousness Guide
Teresa, owner of We Are as One, is a gifted and genuine channel of higher consciousness. By connecting with your higher self, spirit guides and angels provide a higher consciousness perspective on virtually any situation.

Teresa took a leap of faith at the beginning of 2023 and quit her corporate IT
career after 27 years to start her own business and further hone her 6th senses to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to the world in the form of Reiki, energy readings, crystal support products, and other holistic healing modalities. 

We Are as One’s mission is to bring unity to mankind through healing the mind,  body, and soul. Teresa believes that as we heal ourselves, we raise the opportunity for others to heal as well. Happiness comes from within, not from others or the world around us.


As a hobby Teresa makes and sells crystal support products. She and her husband love the beauty of rocks and stones and have a house and yard full of them. They often plan vacations to rock and crystal hunting destinations. Teresa knows the energy in stones and crystals can support a person in many ways and loves wearing them as jewelry, carrying them in her clothing, and gifting them to friends and family. You can find her items for sale at Lingen Tree Rock Shop, right next door to Silver Creek Herbals. 
Many Blessings!


Silver Creek Springs & Silver Creek Herbals

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